KEELTEK ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS S.L takes another step towards excellence in its operations and project activities by intensifying its continuous improvement effort to master agile methodologies for the development of its solution projects for industrial processes and plants

Many of our clients, suppliers and subcontractors have been adopting management models supported by the principles of excellence and carrying out continuous improvement actions to increase their competitiveness and efficiency in the services they provide. Keeltek has incorporated the following agile methodologies to increase the results and quality of its projects and services to our clients at an international and national level this year

Lean Scrum , we will be used in software programming processes, Lean Project in our application and equipment development project planning processes for industrial and production plants

Lean Management and Lean Office will be used to achieve excellence in our support, administration and logistics and warehouse processes

Finally Lean Manufacturing will be used as well, due to we are also manufacturers of the projects that we design and execute

Our team of Technicians-Engineers-Commercials will develop an expertise training program to further help our clients to develop integral solutions that allow us not only to solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity, this Team will support the clients to increase their industrial capacity and the capacity of its equipment within the different production units in its plants, we are talking about the OEE%

Keeltek is affronting the challenge of innovation and the excellence of our people. We know that it will not be easy, but we will surely achieve excellent results that will be translate into beginning a partnership between clients and us in a short-term, medium and long term when they need to make changes, modifications or new equipment in their Industrial Asset Plans to increase their capacities. Nominal and grow exponentially at the rate of customer demand

At Keeltek we can affirm that we know the needs of the industrial sectors that are dedicated to manufacturing of products, food, furniture, and infrastructures, among others and for this reason we offer a diagnosis of our clients' industrial facilities to offer solutions that increase productive capacity and the efficiency of its industrial plants

World is trending towards 2D and 3D image acquisition technologies for the design and development of applications in industrial, service and production plants
by José Miguel Sanchiz