KEELTEK ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS was born in 2013 unifying the knowledge of 4 co-founders who combined all their years of experience, skills and abilities (87 years) to create an organization focused on and committed to productivity, efficiency, innovation and increasing capacity of the industrial and productive plants of their clients with national and international reach.

KEEL means "Keel" is the backbone of innovation and the axis of "Technology” that integrates us together with the 8 principles of European excellence. It can be affirmed that KEELTEK ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS has 39 years, through its co-founders, working and diagnosing industrial plants, production processes and industrial machinery to purpose supported “Solutions" by the latest technological and engineering innovations.

The vision of its 4 co-founders came up from when they were young and they currently work and manage this organization dedicated to executing engineering projects focused on industrial assets and processes. Engineers and technical professionals make up our Company and provide technical support services for our brand KEELTEK

At KEELTEK ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, talking about engineering solutions for industrial and production plants has always been our passion since we were young.

Daniel Pla is the KEELTEK’s CEO, passionate about electronics, robotics and computing. Since he was a child he dreamed of designing and building machinery and equipment.

Vicente Mollar is the Design and Mechanical Engineering Director at KEELTEK, his passion has always been mechanics and he has an innate and global vision of mechanisms and systems for industrial machinery.

Jose Vicente Gavara is the Electronics and Electricity Director at KEELTEK, passionate about electronics and computing since he was young.

Jose Vicente Martinez is the Commercial Technical Director. Expertise in operational and operational excellence of KEELTEK; he has always been passionate about industrial and manufacturing processes.

All of them, together with the organization's engineers and other strategic partners companies, have opted for a management model that focuses on the 8 European principles of operations and operational excellence, to execute the engineering projects that their clients require.

In these 9 years of joint effort, a catalog of industrial machinery of our own Keeltek brand has been developed for industrial applications in different sectors at an International level.

The work experience and the projects, in these 39 years, have been acquired in Companies located in Spain and France mainly, as well as in Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland and Belgium.

KEELTEK ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS incorporates world-renowned methodologies that guide our projects, among others PMbook Project Management, Lean Scrum, Lean Manufacturing, TPM, AMFE, QFD, 3D Design and Artificial Vision and all of them articulated and supported by the 8 principles of European excellence.

KEELTEK ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS is also a machinery manufacturer and we posses a Production Facility in Almassora Province of Castellon Spain, in which we execute the projects, and from there we offer the technical assistance service with qualified personnel and experts in industrial efficiency and maintenance of facilities and machinery of our brand. We monitor the industrial machinery installed at an international level from our Operations Center and we have a programmed training LMS platform for the workers of our international clients on topics such as autonomous configuration, operation and maintenance of our equipment sold and installed in many industrial sectors, thus contributing to the reduction of support costs and adapting ourself to the new Industry 4.0 model, starting with our own industrial facilities.

In KEELTEK ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS day by day we have as vision:

  • Add value to our customers

  • Create a sustainable future

  • Develop the capacity of our organization

  • Make the most of our creativity and innovation

  • Lead with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity

  • Manage with agility

  • Achieving success through the talent of people

  • Maintain outstanding results over time